helping others succeed in tough times

<span>helping others</span> succeed in tough times

Lee Carlson had always been successful: honors student and captain of sports teams in high school, student-athlete and elected to the honors society in college. A great job at the top of his field in Manhattan (magazine journalism), a two-bedroom condo on Central Park West. A beautiful loving wife, two great children, skiing and sailing vacations all over the world.

Then the unthinkable happened: an acrimonious divorce, a business failure, a terrible accident that left his mother an incapacitated invalid, and finally a car accident that left Lee with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The struggle to regain his life and his health took almost ten years, and is the basis for “Passage to Nirvana.” During that time Lee had many teachers: doctors, therapists, Zen masters, family, friends and last but certainly not least, his faithful dog Henry. Some of the lessons Lee learned were new to him; others were lessons he had learned from his parents and teachers when he was younger but had forgotten. When you are successful,

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hear what readers & critics are saying

hear what <span>readers & critics</span> are saying



“You should be very proud of this book. The writing is terrific.” —Steve Wick, Senior Editor, Newsday

Passage to Nirvana spoke to me from TBI, Zen, family, divorce, and more. A good read. It took my heart away. Thanks for writing it.” —Bill, Greenport, NY



5.0 out of 5 stars Writing (and Reading) for Healing After Brain Injury —by Barbara Stahura

In the Author’s Preface to Passage to Nirvana, Lee Carlson writes, “The heart of the story is about healing, about what happens when everything that defines you,

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a mind remade

<span>a mind</span> remade

On May 15, 2002, Lee Carlson’s life was transformed forever when he was hit by a careless, speeding driver. Father, husband, writer, son—all that was about to change. Several days later he woke up in a hospital with a new identity: Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Unfortunately he knew all about Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. Just months before, his mother had fallen down a flight of basement stairs, crushing her brain and leaving her an incapacitated invalid, unable to walk, speak, feed herself or perform the hundreds of other activities of daily living we all take for granted.
“Passage to Nirvana” tells the story of one person’s descent into the hell of losing everything—family, home, health, even the ability to think—and the slow climb back. Told in a unique creative style influenced by the author’s brain injury, combining short poems and essays in an interwoven, exuberant narrative, Passage to Nirvana recounts

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communicating with voice, ears & heart

communicating with  <span>voice, ears & heart</span>

After “Passage to Nirvana” was published, Lee did the usual book tour, speaking at bookstores and libraries. Librarians and book store managers told Lee that he attracted some of the largest audiences they had ever had, and Lee began to understand that the message of “Passage to Nirvana” was a powerful one that needed to be delivered in a number of different ways. Lee had been speaking to groups for more than twenty years. He began his speaking career when, as a journalist, he was asked to speak as an expert on topics he covered, including business and travel. So he felt comfortable talking to large groups, and realized that speaking was a powerful and important way to communicate his motivational message. Now as an author, Brain Injury Survivor and business owner, Lee is regularly asked to speak to groups on a variety of topics, from teaching medical groups about the importance of compassion in medicine, to teaching students

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